CCEA AS 1 Chemistry

In the first post of the year, you’ll find attached multiple resources for CCEA AS1 Chemistry. These include a full set of revision notes on each topic.

AS1 Chemistry

Chemistry Notes for CCEA

Chemistry and Chemistry for Double Award are the hardest subjects that you will meet are your level. They often contain many illogical questions which unless proper revision has been undertaken, you will not be able to answer. I have attached here my own revision notes from last year, which guided me through the GCSE course. The science specification has changed since then, but I think many of these notes will continue to be applicable to you.

G C S E Chemistry notes

Animal Farm Revision Notes


Attached are revision notes and key events of each chapter for Animal Farm. I hope these are useful for anyone sitting exams this June. Click the links below to download.


Animal Farm Revision Notes


Animal Farm Key Events

To Kill A Mockingbird


Revision notes for To Kill A Mockingbird can be found in the link below. These should help you for your English Literature exam. Its best to learn English Literature of by heart so its basically just recall in an exam essay.


To Kill A Mockingbird Revision Notes

Physics Practice Questions

Attached are some excellent  practice questions for Physics GCSE. They will come in useful during May and June.

Satellites 2

Satellites 1

Earth in space

Transformers 2

Transformers 1

Electrical power 2

Electrical power 1

Energy costs

Circuits 5

Circuits 4

Circuits 3

Circuits 2

Circuits 1

CRO & sound


Electromagnetic waves 1

Wave properties 2

Wave properties 1

Radioactivity 2

Radioactivity 1



k.e. & g.p.e.