Blood Brothers- Edward & Mickey

From Act 1 only comment on the similarities and difference which can be observed between Mickey and Edward. There are many differences between the two characters in the first act of the play. Throughout the play the similarities overshadow the differences and the characters become more like each other. First difference is that Mickey makes friends easily unlike Edward who has very little friends, this is because his Mother very rarely lets him go out and play. This is instrumented in the play when Mickey plays many imaginary games with a large group of friends when Edward is in his house. As said before the reason for this is that Mrs Johnstone lets Mickey play freely without any rules, this allows Mickey to socialise more than Edward who is controlled by Mrs Lyons. The second variation is the difference in Education between Mickey and Edward. Edward has a good, high class education whereas Mickey has a poor education. This is revealed throughout Act one. An example of this is when Mickey is shown not to know what a dictionary is. Most people know what a dictionary is so when it says he does not is gives us the idea that Mickey is poorly educated. Another example of is the fact that Edward knows many large words which a normal eight year old would not; this suggests a good, strong education. The next difference between the pair is their behaviour with other people. Edward is well mannered and well spoken whereas Mickey uses bag language and is not mannerly. This is also shown throughout the first act and is very obvious. Mickey is consistently rude with his Mother and other characters. An example of this is when Mickey pushes the woman to answer his questions even when she does not know the answer (pg47). However, Edward is the complete opposite he says Please and Thank You. He politely enquires about Mrs Johnstone’s health and shares his sweets with Mickey. The fourth and final main difference is the class of their families. Mickey has a low class family and Edward has a high class family. Mickey and his family are shown to be disliked where they live and are treated like dirt by the Police (pg43). They are threatened with court and talked to with no respect. It is the opposite for the Lyons family. The police treat them like royalty and speak to them politely. The policeman has Scotch with Mr Lyons, this shows that the Police like them and wish to stay on their good side by blaming the lower class family for what Edward done. However, there are some similarities between Mickey and Edward which are revealed as the play goes on. One similarity between the two characters is that they are both easily excited by anything. This is shown when Sammy buries his worms and when it is revealed they are born on the same day. This is probably because they are young and may not have much excitement in their lives. They also both make friends easily and this evident that they like each other as soon as they meet. The boys are both superstitious like Mrs Johnstone and believe that certain things will affect their life. Overall the boys are more different in their younger years. As they both get older the similarities multiply and they become more alike.

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