Physics Practice Questions

Attached are some excellent  practice questions for Physics GCSE. They will come in useful during May and June.

Satellites 2

Satellites 1

Earth in space

Transformers 2

Transformers 1

Electrical power 2

Electrical power 1

Energy costs

Circuits 5

Circuits 4

Circuits 3

Circuits 2

Circuits 1

CRO & sound


Electromagnetic waves 1

Wave properties 2

Wave properties 1

Radioactivity 2

Radioactivity 1



k.e. & g.p.e.


CCEA Physics Past Papers

Attached is a complete set of past papers for CCEA Double Award Physics Past Papers for both Higher and Foundation. These will prove very helpful during exams and are an excellent tool for revision.

Double Award – Foundation Past papers

Double Award – Higher Tier Past papers

Physics Equation Questions

I have attached below a document full of physics equations from past papers. It should allow you to practice many of the equations without the distraction of other questions. Remember that all equations must be known, and practiced many times. It may also be helpful not to rely on triangles as they will not be rewarded in the exam.


See the above post for answers to the questions. Please note two pages are not possible to complete due to a lack of information as some of the supporting text was cut off.